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Scientific Name: Trapa natans. Family: Trapaceae. Growth Form: Aquatic plant. Native Range: Europe and Asia. Invasive  30 Apr 2005 [family TRAPACEAE] Trapa natans var.

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Trapa bispinosa Roxb., Pl. Corom. Trapa natans is commonly found in placid, nutrient rich lakes and rivers with a pH of 6.7-8.2. Plants have also been found in freshwater regions of estuaries and exposed mud flats. THREATS Threats from Trapa natans are a result of the surface mats it forms, which cause … Trapa natans var. suroshensis Flerow Trapa natans var. verbanensis (De Not.) OverviewCode created in: 2002-08-21.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial Number 27170. ITIS-Integrated Taxonomic Information.

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Two place-names – Ri in Timrå parish in the province of Medelpad, and Ri in Kvist- bro parish in Närke – can a hamlet—which occupies and works a common territory. Det gäller exempelvis sjönöten (Trapa natans), nämnd i Antibarbarus. Sjönöten (Trapa natans) är en sötvattensväxt med ett ätbart Local Name: Kvill-Eken.


Euromediterranean region (except north and southeast), Siberia, Central Asia,  Synonyms: Trapa austroafricana V. Vassiljev Trapa bispinosa Roxb. Common names: Water chestnut (English: Zambia). Frequency: · Status: Native.

Det gäller exempelvis sjönöten (Trapa natans), nämnd i  names 28 0.01% potatis 28 0.01% potatis runeberg site:www.lysator.liu.se 28 av aquino 10 0.00% tome dag 10 0.00% trapa natans 10 0.00% trettondagsafton upptäcktsfärd 6 0.00% common swedish words 6 0.00% cornelis wreesvijk 6  There is to date no general historical overview and/or synthesis, neither short nor long, The former name started to come into use during the middle of the 15th showed that the northernmost distribution of the water-nut (Trapa natans) had  Potamogeton natans ies.jpg · natar, Potamogeton Common wood sorrel blossom (aka).jpg sjönötter, Trapa, sjönötsväxter, Trapaceae, Tvåhjärtbladiga. av M VOGRIN · 2002 · Citerat av 9 — birds, the common causes of failure are predation of eggs, nestlings or bium and Trapa natans. chick/pair), at the fishponds at Names in Czech. Republic  that the following generations, including people who had never heard his name, var vattenväxter som havsnajas {Najas marina) och sjönöt ( Trapa natans), However, in common with geology, the most important material practice soon  It's a two year old grafted plant that didn't have a name tag when I got it, but I Första försöket att odla sjönötter (Trapa natans) misslyckades helt, men nu in Sweden in the late 1800's, but was once common in large parts of the country. The generic name Trapa is derived from the Latin word for "thistle", calcitrappa, as also is another common name for the water caltrop. The Chinese name is língjiǎo , líng meaning "caltrop" and jiǎo meaning "horn".
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Last Modified 03/19/ 2013. Back to Trapa · Trapa natans. Common Names. Water Chestnut. Data for  28 Jul 2014 water caltrop (Trapa natans) 11 (1814). Other common names include Jesuit nut, bull nut, horn nut, wassernuss, waternoot, leng gok, ou ling  The water caltrop is any of three extant species of the genus Trapa: Trapa natans, Trapa bicornis and the endangered Trapa rossica. It is also known as water  Plant database entry for Water Chestnut (Trapa natans) with one image and 14 data details.

Pakistan. Trapa natans L. Details; Images (2) Synonyms (50) References (3) Subordinate Taxa; Specimens; Distributions (39) Common Names: ou ling No References available Keywords: FCC, FNA Commons is a freely licensed media file repository. You can help. Name Trapa natans Family Trapaceae. Description: Trapa natans, waternut, flower, photo from a location in Lower Austria: Date: 2 August 2005: Source: picture taken by me: Author: Georg Schramayr: Permission Foto n. 209529 - saligot (Trapa natans) Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita, Università di Trieste - Progetto Dryades - Picture by Andrea Moro - Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 License File size: 109220 bytes - Views: 769 Trapa natans – Taxon details on Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS).
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Scientific Trapa natans English Bat nut Buffalo nut Devil pod Water caltrop Water chestnut Dutch 11 rows Trapa natans L. var. bispinosa (Roxb.) Makino, Iinuma Somoku-Dzusezii (ed.3) 1: 137. 1907. Trapa bispinosa Roxb., Pl. Corom. Trapa natans is commonly found in placid, nutrient rich lakes and rivers with a pH of 6.7-8.2. Plants have also been found in freshwater regions of estuaries and exposed mud flats.

Afrikaans: Waterkastaiing. العربية: عكر أبو قرون. অসমীয়া: পানী শিঙৰি.
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· Chinese name: Ling or ling chio. · Other common names: Jesuit nut, Jesuit's nut, water  28 Sep 2005 Trapa natans, commomly known as water chestnut, is an annual plant introduced from Asia and has become abundant in the northeastern  The most common species, Trapa natans, has submerged leaves, which are long , The name “water chestnut” is commonly applied to their edible nutlike fruits. Scientific Name: Trapa natans. Common Name(s): Water Chestnut INVASIVE/ THREAT to MAINE Research Summary: Jack O. India 2: 590. 1879 pro syn.


No description defined. Trapa tranzschelii; Trapa cochinchinensis; Trapa bicornis; Trapa jeholensis; Trapa dimorphocarpa taxon common name. This term primarily refers to Trapa natans but is occasionally used of the Asian plant as well, as it has no Finnish (apparently English neither) common name of  Trapa natansDescription: A floating plant which is anchored by its submerged stem. Fine, feathery Other Common Names: Water Caltrop, Buffalo Nut, Bat Nut , Devil Pod, Bull Nut, Water Nut.Planting Zone: 5. Trapa natans. Description: The generic name Trapa is derived from the Latin word for "thistle", Plant Description: Trapa natans is an aquatic herb occurring throughout the greater part of  Singhara is the common name of water chestnut (Trapa. bispinosa Roxb.).

Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Trapa natans.